Calling the Canadiens for the #5 pick would benefit the Capitals

Calling the Canadiens for the #5 pick would benefit the Capitals

If all goes well, Connor Beddard, Adam Fantilie, Leo Carlson and Will Smith will all be in the top-4 (in or out of order) next Wednesday. And if so, then only the drafting will begin.

Of course, there is also a world where this is not the case. Matvei Michkov has been known to attract ducks and sharks, which can force him to stray from everyone’s plans.

The Canadiens would obviously be happy: it would give them one of the best center players of all time.

Because the more time that passes, the more we have a feeling that Matvey Michkov won’t be Flannel’s choice. The Montreal club already has its reasons for avoiding it… and I also wonder to what extent what is currently happening in Russia could influence CH’s decision.

Seriously, I know it’s likely he’ll be included in the top 5, especially in San Jose, but I really doubt it.

The more time passes, the more it dawns on me that this is played between three teams: the Coyotes (who have the sixth and twelfth picks), the Flyers (who have the seventh pick) and the Capitals (who have the eighth pick) ) ).

The Coyotes’ name doesn’t come up often, but the club has the wherewithal to give him a chance. Arizona has so many options that trying to hit the long ball may make sense under the circumstances.

going to fly? He is mentioned more and more. Michkov matches the words of new GM Daniel Brière of the formation and the club may indeed have time to wait for him due to the long rebuilding process.

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And of course, there’s a whole lot of rumor that Alex Ovechkin and other Russian team members will work hard in corners to make sure the young gem makes it to the American capital.

I also believe a club could try to reach the top-8 to draft him. I’m not saying it will happen, but it is possible.

But if there is a world where Michkov is slipping into the ranks of the capitals, there is also a world where the Flyers may be too tempted to do business with the Russians. So the #7 pick becomes a threat to Washington.

If the DC club really wants him, he may have to go up to the draft.

If Michkov is available after the Sharks’ pick has therefore returned to Montreal on the right to speak, the Capitals may want to talk to Kent Hughes to see if he can drop three ranks.

We know this is not an impossible scenario. It’s not what I want (I want to see the CH fish as high as possible on the base), but it can indeed be considered.

Obviously, calling up the Coyotes (which is actually possible) would also get the Flyers passed, but like I said before, I see a world where Arizona is muddying the waters in the Matvey Michkov case.

I’m not saying the Capitals absolutely have to go ahead with CH, but there’s no cost to a call, right?

Obviously, at this point, CH must assess whether it is worth moving forward. Ultimately, if there’s any reason that justifies my desire not to see a Canadian player drafted, it’s the fact that the club would need to draft a major prospect.

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Next year, Canadians do not wish to catch so little fish. So it is important to make the 2023 election profitable.

That being said, if the Capitals draft Michkov (who, in such a scenario, is not Montreal’s target), it means the Canadiens will be left with two selections.

If Hughes thinks the return offered by the Capitals is worthwhile and has his man (or one of his men) at his disposal at pick #8, a move could be made.

What we do know is that Ryan Leonard is in high demand in the NHL (playoff recency bias is real) and David Rickenbacker is also in the eye of the Canadiens. They say coyotes like it too.

If CH likes the prospect of being either (with the perspective that it’s still these two guys who are the top-5 favorites after Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton), then maybe it makes sense to move forward with the Capitals. Could

If Hughes wants to be in even better shape, he could convince the Flyers that Washington is willing to do whatever it takes to get his pick, eventually making a move to trade the pick to the Flyers… And can make sure he drafts either Reinbacher or Leonard.

But this is currently a scenario which, according to the latest news, exists only in my head.

a lot of

Speaking of the wolf.

– Pat Hickey is back. (TSN 690)

Things are bad in Pittsburgh.

– Capitals (at least a minority of the club) up for sale? (NBC Sports)

– Argument.

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  • June 25, 2023