Discover secret beaches in Essex this summer

Discover secret beaches in Essex this summer

With such a vast amount of beach space, some areas are forgotten about or undiscovered altogether.

Residents and regular visitors will be aware of popular shores in Clacton or Southend but some lesser known ‘secret’ beaches are available to explore.

Here are some of the ‘secret’ beaches in Essex:

Earlham’s or Irlham’s Beach

The port of Harwich and Dovercourt Bay is near Wrabness but if residents walk a little further from Dovercourt’s West End and past the caravan park is Earlham’s Beach.

Visitors should be wary of tides and it is not the best spot for swimming but has interesting wildlife and marshland areas.

The Naze in Walton

The Naze is a fantastic spot for discovering fossils and shark’s teeth that dating as far back as the prehistoric Ice Age.

Marine enthusiasts are in luck as activities including sailing, kayaking and kite-surfing are available.

The Essex Wildlife Trust centre can be visited to learn more about the area as well as the Naze Tower.

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Close to Southend is a beach with a scenic promenade backdrop and colourful beach huts to inhabit in Shoeburyness.

The beach is a lot less busy than Southend’s and can be a relaxing retreat for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Shoeburyness still has some remains of sea defences from the Second World War as enemy ships were prevented from entering the Thames


This peaceful beach is has a smaller ‘paddling’ pool suitable for youngsters and also has a popular spot for crabbing.

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When conditions are good in Brightlingsea, the beach is a perfect location for avid sailors and the scenic sunsets and colourful beach huts make for a great selfie spot.

East Mersea

Visitors can head to the home of Cudmore Grove Nature Reserve to enjoy the area’s wildlife and scenery with nice walks along the sea wall.

Transportation is simple as a regular ferry during the summertime carries passengers to and from Brightlingsea.

Plan well by going out of season or particular times during the week and you are likely to be one aof a few people there.

Thorney Bay – Canvey Island

Wonderful for pooch lovers looking for a nice place to walk their beloved dogs, Thorney Bay is a small beach on Canvey Island.

The peaceful setting makes for great viewing as visitors can watch ships going up and down the Thames.

Thorney Bay also provides a clear sight to the Kent coast.


Nearly an hour’s drive away from Mersea Island, this beach’s shoreline is filled with cockle shells.

This location was once a centre for cockle, whelk and oyster trading, hence the shells, and is now popular for its sailing activities.

  • June 3, 2023