‘Medway was rated one of the worst places to live and work and they are not wrong’

‘Medway was rated one of the worst places to live and work and they are not wrong’

I have spent the majority of my life living in Medway, I was born and raised in the district. It’s where I went to school, where I got my first job and much more, so it’s safe to say that I’m quite familiar with the area.

Specifically, it was the town of Rainham that I called home, but as any Medway resident knows, when you live in the district you’re going to find yourself frequenting each of the five towns for different needs. Some areas are better for shopping, others better for work, you’ve got spots that are great for nightlife and others that work well for a day out.

A recent report from PwC took a look at cities and regions across the nation, comparing them on jobs, income, housing and more to determine an overall rating of each area. Medway did feature in the report, but it did not score very well.

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In fact, the district scored notably below average, with an overall rating of just -0.03 (ouch). In terms of specific indicators ‘transport’ fared the worst, ranking below average at -1.36, with ‘high streets and shops’ fairing similarly at -0.98.

‘Skills’ was the only other factor to score below average, at -0.43. The majority of other indicators, such as ‘income’, ‘work-life-balance’, ‘housing’, ‘safety’ and ‘income distribution’ all held scores that are considered average.

Only two indicators were deemed to be above average meanwhile, those being ‘new businesses’ and ‘jobs’. As a long time resident of the area, I have to say that while some of these scores left me a little confused, I can’t help but understand and agree with the majority of the others.

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  • June 3, 2023