Warndon fly-tipping – litter pickers fill car twice

Warndon fly-tipping – litter pickers fill car twice

Cllr Jill Desayrah, who represents Warndon, said the boot and back seat of her car were filled twice over during the litter pick in the estate. 

The Labour councillor says Chedworth Drive is consistently a hotspot for fly-tipping and litter with seven individual fly-tip locations reported to Platform Housing in the last three days alone.

Worcester News: MESS: Some fly-tipped rubbish in Chedworth Drive in Warndon, Worcester MESS: Some fly-tipped rubbish in Chedworth Drive in Warndon, Worcester (Image: Supplied by Jill Desayrah)

This same spot was also the site of a dumped sofa which workers mowed around before it was cleared away, as previously reported in the Worcester News.

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On Sunday, Cllr Desayrah held a litter pick on the street.

In a little over an hour, dozens of black bags of rubbish had been collected.

Two stray supermarket trolleys from Sainsbury’s were ‘repatriated’ as part of the cleanup. 

Cllr Desayrah, who has also supported pop-up tips in Warndon, said: “Many residents approached us while we were working, to talk about why we were there.

“They were delighted to see that the cleanup was happening.

“They were also keen to hear of future litter picks in the area, so that they could join in. These are planned for the third Sunday of each month going forward.”

She added: “Several residents of Edgeworth Close raised their concerns about the state of their communal grounds. These are dilapidated and plagued with frequent fly-tipping too.

“A dumped tumble dryer, which has been languishing in the communal bin store there for some weeks, has been reported again to Platform Housing.”

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Resident Jack Walker, of Sudgrove Close, said: “I was very happy to come out to support Cllr Desayrah trying to improve the environment for everyone.

“The residents we spoke to all wanted to know “Why?”. Why is fly-tipping so prevalent in this part of Warndon? I believe that once a pile of rubbish has accumulated it simply attracts more rubbish.

“People generally assume it’s okay to dump and drop things on this street, because nobody cares. Well that’s not true. Many people care and many of us will continue to do something about this until eventually the area no longer suffers this blight.”

The next litter pick will be at 11am on Sunday, July 16, meeting at the flats on Gamekeepers Drive.

Marion Duffy, Platform’s chief operations officer, said: “Platform is proactively working with Worcester City Council and other local agencies to reduce fly tipping and improve recycling in the Warndon area.

“Initiatives include awareness and Community Connected events, neighbourhood walkabouts and forming a monthly litter picking group, with 30 local people taking part in June.

“All members of the community are invited to take part, including our partner agencies and local Councillors and we already have further family awareness events planned for the summer.”

  • June 24, 2023