Woman earns £150 a day from only flowers

Woman earns £150 a day from only flowers

A woman is making £150 a day doing a job that nobody would have imagined.

Tania Holmes, from Bolsover in Derbyshire, not far from Sheffield, first came across the idea of picking flowers when she lived a 10-minute drive away from a farm. While visiting the farm, where she used to buy soft drinks, she discovered elderflower picking.

And during Covid that discovery became a lifeline, as she and many, began picking flowers for extra income. Tania, who had lost her job, began working the job as a side hustle reports Derbyshire Live.

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The 46-year-old has gone on to enjoy lucrative returns from the job. Explaining, she said: “I used to love picking elderflowers to help the team from Belvoir Farm make their cordial, each year during the harvest. It was a lovely way to get fit and enjoy the beautiful countryside, but during Covid it changed from being a fun and relaxing pastime to an essential lifeline for earning extra funds”

Fruit picking has always been a good way for people to earn extra money. But with Covid and the high cost of living now, it’s even more important for many people.

Tania Holmes, of Bolsover, turned her hobby into an essential lifeline in the cost of living crisis (Image: Belvoir Farm)

On a good day, Tania makes around £150. The job and process is also quite simple. At Belvoir Farm, there is a special period of six weeks when flowers are ready to be picked.

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  • June 25, 2023