‘Woodstock swimming pool should be open for longer’

‘Woodstock swimming pool should be open for longer’

I am writing to express my sadness that Woodstock swimming pool is only open for six weeks a year.

It is closed at the moment and due to open on July 22.

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When I was a child our families raised money at every opportunity to get this facility.

Now I gather it’s run by a group called GLL that are not for profit organisation which doesn’t actually make any sense. Its totally overgrown at the moment.

The reason given is it is too expensive to run! When we were children it wasn’t heated – we still went there.

We spent hours there with our friends (had season tickets). I have had several offers from volunteers to help run it and it needs solar panels to heat it and gardeners to keep it neat.

It would be possible to have a cafe to raise much-needed funds.

I’ve emailed Woodstock Town Council and I gather it was mentioned at last meeting (June 18) but no ones got back to me.  

Come on Woodstock and surrounding villages – let’s show our support for this and give our children and adults some place to have fun.

Lorna Godwin

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  • June 24, 2023